Triple Penetration Sept. 2014

Date: Saturday, Sept 27, 2014
Time: 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Location: Wunderland, 250 Ottawa City Centre

SOLD OUT!!!! no tickets left. Everyone who bought your tix please enjoy the event!

Special Prize for most entertaining fighter at Flight Club – 2 Play and Learn packages from MLO (value $120)


Dress code: Fetish wear, lingerie, goth, steampunk, theme appropriate, basic black, no blue jeans or sweat pants. 18 and up – ID required (19 Plus for alcohol consumption).
Look for this image on the door and window of venue, see map

TP Sept 2014

Description:  Now you can get involved in different themed parties in one place – Medical Play, Fight Club and Roped-Off (in partnership with haven and Rope Enthusiasts Ottawa).

Each theme will have its own special area and be set up specifically for that type of play. There will also be a few regular play stations (i.e. whipping post, spanking bench, and massage table) for those wanting to do other things. There will be DMs on site as well as security to ensure everyone has a safe and fun evening. There will be finger foods served later on in the night. There will also be soda and water for a $1.

There is plenty of free parking and the site is secluded from residential buildings. It has multiple rooms where different things will be set up, plenty of roaming space to mingle and a proper change room for patrons. All outside footwear must be removed before entering (so bring along your kinky boots). It will be labelled with the pseudonym Wunderland on the night of the party.

Rules for the Event and rules for the Dungeon*

*Note. Insertibles and manual manipulation will be allowed.

BYOB – all alcohol must be handed over to the bartender for safe keeping.

Tickets need to be purchased ahead of time as there will be no door sales.

Some of the equipment is being provided by our good friend at Studio Max.

Fight Club
Get ready to RUMBLE! We will have oversized boxing gloves and headgear as well as some inflatable toys for battle and of course regular grappling play is also encouraged. Ottawa Kinky Grappling will have two hundred square feet of mats set up for all the combatants and rough body players to play on. A referee will be on hand throughout the party to keep players safe and assist with negotiations. Demonstrations and instruction will be provided several times during the night.

Trash talk, violence, nudity and general mayhem are all encouraged!

Restrictions: no penetrative sex, no shoes or boots on the mats, no metal on clothing. Jewelry must be removed or taped over. Match lengths may be limited so everyone gets a chance to play.

Medical Play
There will be several medical tables on hand for your playing pleasure. You are highly encouraged to dress up for the theme – sexy nurses, crazy doctors, or patient all are welcome. Bring out your equipment and join in the fun. There will be several demo scenes for your viewing pleasure:

9:30 pm –  Male Sounding GreenEyedlady will be bringing her sounds and putting on a show with a male bottom.
10:30 pm –  Suturing by Mr. O
11:30 pm  ButtonEyes Saline Injection. ButtonEyes will be administering saline injections on passionatelycoy, as well as other unnecessary procedures

12:00 am – Female Sounding – ValleyBoy69 will also be demonstrating sounding but this time on a female.
12:30 am –  -srg- Ring piercing corset

don’t forget there are also two hands on demos throughout the night.
– OttawaBondage will have his violet wand (originally a pseudomedical tool) for those wanting to experience the shock
– J22Tango will have a needling station for those wanting to learn and feel needle play.

Roped-Off play party (in partnership with Haven and Rope Enthusiasts Ottawa)
Roped Off will have a series of workshops earlier in the day , tickets sold separately and then continue rope play as part of Triple Penetration. Floor mats will be set up for rope play, with multiple suspension points will allow high-flying fun. Watch riggers and bottoms show off their moves, or jump in the ring to put someone in a bind – or get yourself in one.
Go to Roped Off Registration
Roped Off Event Listing 

Scheduled performances for those who like to watch:
9:30 PM – Passionatelycoy will take her bottom through a journey of connective rope transitions, where all they can think about will be rope and each other.

10:30 PM – Not attending MBE (Morpheous’ Bondage Extravaganza)? That’s okay because you will get a special preview. Come watch Vampire Ken and Micro_Gecko warm up for their upcoming performance at MBE with one of their trademark suspension scenes.

11:30 PM – Shaitan and SilverMaz will be doing a traditional Japanese suspension with focus on transporting the bottom to a place deep inside her head. Steady, sensual, and deliberate, watch as Shaitan binds SilverMaz to take her beyond the frame, the room, and the scene. Slowly lifting her above sky, and finally bringing her back down to Earth. Through the tension of the rope, they will share the experience and become one.

12:30 PM – MonkeyFetish will bring his rope handling skills, sexy connection and sense of humor to entertain and arouse in this lead up to MBE in Toronto!

There will be vendors at Triple Penetration until 10:45 that will be set up as part of Roped-Off.  Don’t have any rope or toys? Not to worry, as we’ll have a few things available from:

Ankle Cuffs
Wrist Cuffs
Ball Gag
Bondage Belts
Leather Hand Cuffs
Tool holders
Leather Masks / Leather Humiliation Masks
Leather and wood toys

Medical – needle kits
Candles / Wax
Sexy toys – Mini Hitachi and eggs

6mm Blond Tossa Jute – Douglas Kent Lightning
6mm Organic European Hemp Rope – conditioned by Lady Pearl
Safety Scissors
Needle kits à la carte

All photos by: Observer