Triple Penetration June 2014

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Date: Saturday, June 07, 2014
Time: 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Location: Wunderland, 250 Ottawa City Centre Ave. Unit #122
Cost: $20 all tickets must be bought in advance
Dress code: Fetish wear, lingerie, goth, steampunk, theme appropriate, basic black, no blue jeans or sweat pants. 19 and up – ID required.
Look for these images on the door and window of venue, see map
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Description:  Now you can get involved in different themed parties in one place (see below). .

Come and experience the newest event and venue in Ottawa. You do not need to register with a club to attend.  Each theme will have its own special area and be set up specifically for that type of play. There will also be a few regular play stations (i.e. whipping post, spanking bench, massage table and a vibrating sex chair) for those wanting to do other things. There will be DMs on site as well as security to ensure everyone has a safe and fun evening.  There will be finger foods served later on in the night. There will also be soda and water for a nominal fee.

This is a brand new venue that is clean and modern. There is plenty of free parking and the site is secluded from residential buildings. It has multiple rooms where different things will be set up, plenty of roaming space to mingle and a proper change room for patrons. All outside footwear must be removed before entering (so bring along your kinky boots). It will be label with pseudonym Wunderland on the night of the party.

Rules for the Event and rules for the Dungeon*

*Note. Insertibles and manual manipulation will be allowed.

BYOB – all alcohol must be handed over to the bartender for safe keeping.

Tickets need to be purchased ahead of time as there will be no door sales.

Some of the equipment is being provided by our good friend at Studio Max.

Grappling Play Party
Ottawa Kinky Grappling will have two hundred square feet of mats set up for all the wrestlers and rough body players to play on. Grapplers of all levels are invited to take on their partners in kinky wrestling matches. A referee will be on hand throughout the party to keep players safe and assist with negotiations. Demonstrations and instruction will be provided several times during the night.

Trash talk, violence, nudity and general mayhem are all encouraged!

Restrictions: no penetrative sex, no shoes or boots on the mats, no metal on clothing. Jewelry must be removed or taped over. Match lengths may be limited so everyone gets a chance to play.

Rope Suspension/Bondage
In the bondage corner, floor mats will be set up for rope play, with multiple suspension points will allow high-flying fun. Watch riggers and bottoms show off their moves in three scheduled performances, or jump in the ring to put someone in a bind – or get yourself in one.

Throughout the night there will be bondage performances by talented riggers. Swing by the bondage area to see high-flying suspensions and down-and-dirty floor work by Passionately Coy, Vampire Ken, Sushi Jones, and visiting from Kingston just for this event, TwistTies.

TwistTies’ kink adventure began when he was thirteen, half-hidden behind the paperback racks in the local Dairy Bar, devouring de Sade’s Justine three surreptitious pages at a time. He has been an active member of the Kingston BDSM community since 2005, most recently with the Kingston Kinksters and their Rope Share group. He is student of Japanese rope bondage and connecting through rope has become his principal passion. He has developed a taste for semenawa, succhinawa and tsuri (torture rope, shaming rope and suspension) and these elements are often present in many of his rope scenes.

“Skin tight is not too tight! Come to see and be seen in your best slinky outfit. But it’s not just stand and model oh no – we are going to have a lubing station to shine you up – so if you want a sensual experience you have to wear your latex (and be nice!).

For those looking for something with a bit more bondage, a bit more serious, bondage equipment like vac bed or sleep sac will be on hand. We will also have for you giant inflatable balloons – stepping in those is a strange, otherworldly experience everyone should try at least once ”

Photo top left – models, Mr. O, BraveKitten and Playfulrubberdoll
Photo Center –  models, Mr. O, AliceWunderland and Playfulrubberdoll
Photo Center –  models, Mr. O and AliceWunderland

All photos by: Observer